Roarin’ Tyler

Hasbro’s Roarin’ Tyler

From time to time, a toy hits the market that makes us say “why wasn’t this around when we were children?” Well, there’s a cool new toy on the block that has all of the kids going wild with every roar it makes – it’s Hasbro’s Roarin’ Tyler and today, we are here to tell you all about it …

What is Hasbro’s Roarin’ Tyler?

Roarin’ Tyler is the latest addition to Hasbro’s well-known line of Furreal friends. It is the perfect match for little ones that enjoy pets.  Tyler is more than just a plush toy – he is capable of talking and making sounds. This adorable interactive little tiger can respond to sound and touch with lifelike movements. It looks a lot like a real tiger and has super soft fur, a pair of bright green eyes and a ferocious mouth that is full of teeth.

When the tiger roars, you’re going to see an instant smile spread across your child’s face …and possibly even yours.  What makes the tiger roar anyways?


While the children can play with it and believe it’s magic that makes it all happen, it’s the sensors that are responsible for making this animatronic so cute. The Roarin’ Tyler has sensors on its head, nose and back. This means each time you touch it’s head, nose or back, you will receive a cute response from it.


Sounds – Roarin’ Tyler features a total of 100-plus motion and sound combinations with sensors on his nose, head and back. With each touch in those spots, he will respond in a different fun way.

Cuddle Him – You can pull him close to you and cuddle with him, thanks to the neat way his back legs were designed. When you nuzzle his cheek, he will respond with expressive eyes, tail movements and sounds.

Make a Noise – When you make a noise, Tyler give a loud jungle roar in response. After the children are all “roared” out, they can enjoy playtime with him as he is capable of responding to his squeaky toy (that’s right, just like a dog, he likes squeaky toys). With this amazing jungle pet rom Hasbro, children can experience fun, playtime moments.

While Tyler has a large amount of features that will keep the children busy for hours on end, deep down, he is a lovable cuddle buddy.


This pet is recommended for ages 4 and up. With this playful tiger, children can make every day as magical as the last.


At the time of writing this review, this toy has yet to be released. Hasbro currently has the release date set for fall 2017. However, from the looks of it, Hasbro’s Roarin’ Tyler is well worth the wait.

The Squeaky Toy

Let’s talk more about that squeaky toy …this tiger comes with a bright yellow squeaky toys – he recognizes this toy and responds to it with energy and spunk. I the child puts it close enough to his mouth, he will also chew on the toy.


Of course, Roarin’ Tyler isn’t going to take away those exciting trips to the zoo, but it will give children something fun and exciting to play with while they wait for their next trip.  Regardless of how advanced these plush toys become, one thing remains – they will always be able to enhance classic play patterns for children. This includes role-play and storytelling experiences. When considering a new pet, a tiger isn’t exactly the first animal that pops up in our minds, but Tyler would make a great addition to the family. He is the perfect companion pet for both boys and girls.

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