Bubble Ball

Bubble Ball [Zuru]

Smash into your friends, crawl, and roll in a giant bubble ball – that’s what the Bubble Ball (Zuru) is all about and watching videos on it, it seems like a lot of fun. Here we are, staring at another “toy” that makes us adults say “why couldn’t we have that when we were younger?” In fact, some of us might put the “adult” aspect to the side for a bit and jump in a bubble ball where we can smash, crawl, and roll right alongside the kids! Today, we are here to tell you what we know about the Bubble Ball (Zuru), so if you have children, this is something you should pay attention to …

Setting it Up

The setup is fairly simple. They can inflate up to four feet. It even comes with patches, so if you have any problems, you can use a patch in order to fix it. However, at the time of writing this review on Bubble Ball, we haven’t really found any other reviewers reporting problems with holes – perhaps this is because the Bubble Ball has been built from top of the line material? When it comes to setting it up, you will be required to use your own pump – an electric pump would do a great job. It should take between 5-8 minutes in order to get it fully inflated.

Putting it On

There’s two handles on the front and straps on the back, so you can strap it onto you without it falling off.  There’s two straps that you put your arms through and you basically hold on to the two handles.

The only problem is, when you buy one, you’ll want to buy two because these are super fun when to battle each other with. You can bounce around, roll around on the ground, go down hills and have super fun battles with your friends.

Children will have a lot of fun with these Bubble Balls, seriously. Some of the reviewers have said that when it comes to falling, if you try to block the fall, it won’t save you and could do more damage than good. So, when you feel as if you’re about to fall, simply go with the fall. When you first go to fall while in the ball, your body may try to naturally block the fall. However, in due time, you will get used to it and learn to just go with the flow of the ball.


Watching children play with the Bubble Ball (Zuru) on the world wide web (there’s quite a few videos being posted of the Bubble Ball, so you can easily watch videos before you purchase the product), we see that it’s a lot of fun. From a personal perspective, it makes us wish that we were a kid again so that we wouldn’t look so silly inside this thing. If you’re looking for a good present to get your child, this one right here would be super fun, especially if they enjoy outdoor play.

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