Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone

Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone with Headset – 1st Toy Racing Drone

For those of you that are familiar with drones, you probably realize that drone racing is becoming a respected sport in today’s world – it comes to us, complete with ESPN coverage, which is pretty cool. Air Hogs and DR1 Racing have partnered up in order to design the first-ever FPV (first person view) toy racing drone – Air Hogs DR 1 FPV Drone with Headset. With this racing drone, users will be able to experience what first-hand professional drone racing is all about – that’s right, you will finally get to feel the rush of high speed rushing with FPV streaming through the headset and a smartphone.

With the new Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone, the company is hoping to give both beginners and hobbyists a real taste of the action. This drone has been designed in order to get consumers involved in drone racing. This gives fans throughout the world access to the sport, so they can challenge themselves and race just like the pros do.

When Will This Drone Be Available?

You have to wait until fall 2017 in order to get your hands on the drone, but trust us, from what we already know about Air Hogs DR1 FPV Drone with Headset, the wait is well worth it. This drone will combine the thrill of high-speed drone racing with an eye-in-in the sky perspective that will be delivered to a virtual reality headset. When the drone is released, it will cost a total of $99, which, if you’re familiar with drones, you’d know that this is a good price.


This is compatible with iPhones and Android devices. There’s an accompanying app that will allow the user to have a first-person view of their flight path – hence the “FPV” you see in the name. Individuals that use the headset will have an easier time when it comes to adjusting altitude and direction than by having to rely on line of sight alone

The View

Wearing the headset, it feels just like a VR headset. The headset should have little, if any form of light leakage. The view will be surprisingly shape and clear. When testing the device, some individuals reported a slight fight-eye effects when the drone approached a sharp turn.

Great for Advanced and Beginner Flyers

If you’re an experienced pilot, flying this drone won’t be hard as it looks precise enough in order to satisfy even those advanced pilots. However, as previously stated, beginners can also fly this drone.  The device can take a couple of bumps and crashes without being destroyed and it turns fairly easy.

At the time of writing this review, unfortunately, Spin Master hasn’t told us how much flight time you can expect from this drone. However, if we go from the Mission Drone or the Air Hogs Helix Ion, we could expect between 10-15 minutes in terms of battery life.


We are really looking forward to the Air Hogs DR1 FPV Drone with Headset. Once it takes flight, we can imagine it’s going to be the type of drone you’re not going to want to put down.

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