Backyard Basketball 2004 – PC



Take it to the hoop with kid versions of 10 NBA stars and 30 Backyard Kids!


  • Non-linear plot gives players the chance to choose exactly how they play the game. Guns blazing, or sneaking around? Rescue Lisa, or leave her to rot? The choice is yours
  • Hundreds of NPCs to interact with, all behaving differently depending on what types of information you ask for, and how you request it
  • Every in-game encounter & interaction directly affects your standing and reputation with 6 NPC factions — potentially horrible or wonderful consequences rest on a knife edge of decision
  • Vehicles can be bought, stolen or hijacked to help you travel around the massive environment – control cars, trucks, helicopters, boats and even a tank
  • Massive gaming world spanning 625 square Km (25 km x 25 km) – bigger than the city of Chicago)
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