aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite and Ice Cream Kite: Double the Fun and Adventure with Two of the Best Selling Easy Flyer Kites for Outdoor Games in One Amazing Bundle – Perfect Gifts for Kids and Adults


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  • BEST EASY FLYER KITES IN A BUNDLE. These two sky stunners are easy to assemble and easy to launch. They can fly high no matter the wind. Whether the air is still or the wind is blowing, these colorful gliders will take to the sky.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE AND WELL-MADE. With waterproof construction, we guarantee these will do better than most store-bought kites. The string is a Flat Line Winder, comfortable and easy to grip for adults and children. These kites are lightweight, durable and sewn with strong construction.
  • 100% FUN FACTOR. Once these kites are up in the air, you will discover how fun and thrilling it is to fly kites. As they gracefully sway along with the breeze, they will surely draw gasps of admiration not only from you but also from the other spectators.
  • PERFECT FOR KIDS AND ADULTS. Every kite gives unlimited hours of fun, priceless moments and great adventure for both kids and adults.
  • OWN THE BEST KITE BUNDLE FOR ONLY $15.99. Comes with a money back guarantee and no questions-asked replacement anytime. Order your bundle today and see how fast you can launch and make these kites soar up in the sky. Just think of it as having happiness on a string.
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